Lohia Group of Companies
Our founder

Our founder

The Lohia group of companies is the brain child of Shri Subhash Chandar Lohia, an iron and steel trader in Hasi village of Hisar nestled in district Haryana. Born in the year 12th April 1950, Shri Subhash Chandar Lohia was right from his young age was interested in steel sector and had mastered his skills by starting a furnace in partnership in the year 1978. As hard work, will and perseverance pays good results, soon in the year 1980 he set up a in house melting shop and started fabricating ingots with the vision in mind to one day establish a one stop shop for Stainless steel products, and the result of his vision is the ace company of today in steel industry that has carved new dimensions in perfection,quality and excellence.

To make his dream excel Shri Subhash Chandar Lohia started expanding his boundaries by exploring know how and latest technologies from all across the globe and then adapting them to the benefit and growth of his dream company. His hard work and never say give up attitude aided him to enrich his future vision and made him taste the flavours of success in no time.

His vision of light, where everyone saw darkness made Lohia group catapult to new heights of growth and success, with more than three decades of experience, Shri Subhash Lohia;a renowned industrialist was honoured several prestigious awards by the president of India.His in depth knowledge of stainless steel products enabled him to transpire his vision into reality. Truly one can undoubtedly call him Man of steel who nurtured Lohia group of industries to a new level.